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(The) Poet: An Essay
Address To The Divinity College Of Cambridge
American Scholar, The
Circles: An Essay
Compensation: An Essay
English Traits
Essay On Character
Friendship: An Essay
Gifts: An Essay
Heroism: An Essay
Man The Reformer
Manners: An Essay
New England Reformers
Poems Of Ralph Waldo Emerson


1803 Emerson was born in Boston, Massachusetts

1821 Graduated from Harvard, like his father

1825 He began to study at the Harvard Divinity School

1826 He was licensed to preach by the Middlesex Association of Ministers.

1829 Emerson married Ellen Louisa Tucker

1830 Emerson became sole pastor at the Second Unitarian Church of Boston.

1831 Ellen Louisa Tucker dies from consumption

1833 Emerson has a crisis of faith, finding that he "was not interested" in the rite of Communion. Emerson`s controversial views caused his resignation.

1835 Emerson married Lydia Jackson and settled with her at the east end of the village of Concord, where he then spent the rest of his life.

Approx 1836 Emerson`s first book, Nature, a collection of essays, appeared when he was 33

1837 The American Scholar

1838 Address at Divinity College

1840 Emerson helped Margaret Fuller to launch The Dial (1840-44), an open forum for new ideas on the reformation of society.

1841 Emerson published a selection of his earlier lectures and writings under the title Essays.

1844 followed by Essays: Second Series

1849 a collection of lectures annexed to a reprint of Nature

1850 Representative Men

1856 His English Traits, a summary of English character and history, appeared in 1856.

1860 Conduct Of Life

1870 Society And Solitude

1872 Emerson`s heath started to fail after the partial burning of his house. He made his last tour abroad in 1872-1873, and then withdrew more and more from public life

1874 a selection of poems called Parnassus

1876 Letters And Social Aims

1882 Emerson died on April 27, 1882 in Concord.

1884 Miscellanies,a collection of political speeches, and Lectures And Biographical, were published posthumously

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